/A Complete One Day Work-Shop On How To Use Your DSLR

A Complete One Day Work-Shop On How To Use Your DSLR

The industry of photography has received so many patrons in last few years, what with the growth of social media and emergence of Instagram, wrapping everyone up in the beauty of capturing and preserving special moments for a lifetime. While that is all about personal frenzy, many in the process have caught up with photography with a professional approach. While spotting a high-end camera was once in a while thing, today the site is pretty usual. The DSLR today is more accessible to the common public and have become a second level priority in luxury department for people and first based priority for the photography enthusiastic. But, knowing and making the complete use of the same is not well- versed with everyone. Here, is a One day opportunity for armature photographers to learn and operate your device to it’s complete capability.

Master Your DSLR Camera F.A.S.T. is an innovative 1-day photography workshop for beginners with Girish Menon!

Designed for first-time DSLR users

Result oriented all practical approach

Simple instructions

Unlimited post workshop support

The Master Your DSLR Camera F.A.S.T. photography workshop is your foundation in Digital Photography.

How will you benefit from the Master Your DSLR Camera F.A.S.T. workshop?

  • Learn how to use your camera in the MANUAL MODE instead of AUTOMATIC and SEMI-AUTOMATIC MODES
  • Set the FOCUS correctly to ensure that your pictures are always SHARP, even in LOW LIGHT
  • Set the ISO, APERTURE and SHUTTER SPEED (exposure settings) according to how you want your picture to look
  • Choose a relevant DEPTH OF FIELD, for example, focus on your subject and have the background go out of focus
  • COMPOSE powerful photographs and more.



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