/A Book Packed In Brown Paper But With Just A Brief Idea Of The Book, Are You Up For This Blind Date?

A Book Packed In Brown Paper But With Just A Brief Idea Of The Book, Are You Up For This Blind Date?

The quote “Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover” isn’t a new concept for anybody on the face of the Earth, be it a book junkie or not, everyone is well acquainted with the phrase and the meaning behind. The power of eye pleasing sight is such a delusional state that has affected best of the people, be it in terms of the book or in the world with people and other stuff.

If you are anyone who is near to enjoying books in any way, then you might have come across events and libraries which serve books as a surprise for it’s customers, as in the book is well covered for a judgment to be made at the face value, and can only be discovered after reading it.

Well, if you are a new concept the books are generally covered in Brown paper and a brief idea of the book is explained in a line or two for the reader. Something just like a Blind Date.

If you are a religious Bibliophile then we are pretty sure you would already be interested in this fun activities. Because, being in the community for a while now, we know how we can get go excited and jittery at the mere thought of Books. This gives us the opportunity to get out of our comfort genre and we might even come across our new favorite author.

This Event “THE BLIND BOOK DATE” where the books are either donated or bought with the aim of having a good selection of titles that go beyond the chat-busters. The books are not aligned in any specific genres and include all types, the briefing on the brown paper may give you a little feel for the content in there. The books are priced at the pretty reasonable rate at INR 99.

Besides the bookstore, the event always starts with an open-mic which is open to anything – poetry, one-act plays, discussing your favorite read, anything literature related. The upcoming event is on this Sunday 11th June at Nicobar in Kala Godha. To stay updated on the proceedings of the Event head over to their Facebook page ‘here’

the Entry fee + Book is INR 200 & INR 150 for just entry.

Tickets Available ‘here’

Hope, we bump into each other there! See ya!

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