/6th Edition Of 2×2 Bar Night For The LGBT+ Community Of Mumbai Organized By Gaysi

6th Edition Of 2×2 Bar Night For The LGBT+ Community Of Mumbai Organized By Gaysi

Gaysi, what once started as an internet safe space to share stories and opinions from people from the South Asian Subcontinent meaning the Desi tribe that identify themselves as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Queer soon turned into space with a roster of authors worldwide, diverse content and traffic from countries all over. Thus, they call themselves Gaysi (Gay+Desi), we love the sound of it.

Gay Family Blog is an online forum and website for Gaysis with something to say, whether it’s personal opinions, coming out stories, poems, erotic fiction, book reviews, movie reviews, event notices or anything at all that is related to being Gaysi or Queer.

This August as the Friendships day and Rakshabandhan clicks around the same time, Gaysi has arranged an event which parts way for the Queer community of Mumbai, more specifically the new budding Queers of Mumbai to come to space so as to expand their social circle with more like minded people of the community, hence opening for your the floodgates for dating options.

The space is completely safe, welcoming and open, the event is called “2×2 Bar Night”, though this is not one of their first events, the previous one was successful enjoyed by a crowd of 150 attendees. So, all you got to do is buy yourselves the tickets online and book yourself a fun filled and interactive Promising night.


Some details you would like to focus on:
  • The Event is dated on 5th of August, from 8 PM onwards.
  • Venue:- Auriga Restobar, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai.
  • Ticket Prices: INR 400 (Online) INR 500 (Spot Entry- usually by the D-Day the event is sold out) per person. Buy here .
  • You will be treated by DJ BeatTrip from 9.30 PM to 10.30 PM post which there will be flare of Commercial Bollywood & English Junkies.
  • You must be 21 & above to attend. Carry ID’s and Drink Permits.
  • Illegal substances are strictly prohibited to be carried in or used at the venue.
Please Note (By Gaysi):-

We are taking special care to create a space that is geared towards making all ladies feel safe, both in atmosphere and in numbers. Because of this, we’ve had to take some logistical decisions to ensure that the gender ratio is fair and geared towards this safety. As such, we request that all men who wish to attend this party come accompanied by their female/ trans friends so as to make everyone feel the most comfortable.

If there are gay men who truly do not have any available female/ trans friends to come with, please write to us at gaysifamily@gmail.com with your situation and we will try to figure something out.

For more Info: Call us on 9702049491 OR email gaysifamily@gmail.com

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