/100 Thousand Poets For Change Taking Place On The 30th September

100 Thousand Poets For Change Taking Place On The 30th September

100 Thousand Poets For Change is a global movement calling all poets, writers, musicians, and basically anyone who wants to improve, and create a community that will empower the society through their own creative actions. The global event is marked for September 30, and you too can take part in it at the Mumbai editions. One of them is being held at The White Owl Brewery.

For anyone who believes in bringing a change in the world, their surroundings or even their community through their words, music, or actions. 100 Thousand Poets For Change, in the sense, aims to get together thousands of artists around the world on September 30, and through open mics express their opinions, hope and more.


The Mumbai edition is being organised by Laxmi Krishnan and Gargi Ranade- and the theme of the year is ‘Social Change and Justice’ – a topical theme relevant today more than ever.

If you love poetry and want to be a part of the lovely global community of poets and thinkers.

At the event, all you need to do is bring along your written piece on paper {either written or printed} with the title of the piece keeping in line with theme. No names are to be written on the paper. Thereon, six to seven titles will be chosen on basis of merit, and the writers will get to perform their pieces on the stage.

In fact, Laxmi tells us they are also creating an e-magazine wherein people from across the country can contribute their poems, art forms and photographs – anything that is in line with the theme. The magazine will be then archived by Stanford University, as part of this year’s global event. You’re free to send in the work to the curators, and there is no language restriction.

The entry to the event is for INR 150, however for the performers it is free.

Events like these are crucial to the city’s cultural space, and offer a collaborative approach to bringing different voices together.

You can find the event on Facebook here