/Yugo Sushi One Of It’s Kind Serves Sushi Burritos In Bandra Pali Hill Region

Yugo Sushi One Of It’s Kind Serves Sushi Burritos In Bandra Pali Hill Region

Aren’t satisfied with the mini bite sized sushi? And want more and more of it, here is something which will give you enough of sushi to satisfy your taste-buds and appetite too. “Yugo Sushi” a famous chain coming all the way from Tokyo, has stemmed their roots in the famous region of Pali Hill in Bandra. Started off their venture in the with a few pop-ups at various exhibitions, and was loved immensely amongst the crowd they have now built a small Takeaway and delivery joint here.


As the sun gets ready to set, the board outside Yugo Sushi reads closed, opens at 7 pm. Despite the notice chalked in white, people still drop by to say hi to Yugo, and the missus. While Yugo takes care of the operations, the sushi is all Mrs. Yugo. The place is enough for two people to sit down on tiny chairs that inhabit the establishment.

Yugo Sushi makes hand-held sushi burrito – a concept that is all the rage in Japan. With no time to sit down to carefully dip the sushi in soy sauce with a pair of chopsticks, burrito sushi is unabashedly casual. And we like that. It’s the breaker of chains of sushi snobbery. At Yugo, you can order in a butter chicken sushi roll with the same elan as a salmon roll. Their salmon is sourced from Norway every week and they insist on using fresh ingredients. So much so that they’ve refrained from using imported sushi rice. Instead, they use Indian rice {which may be cringe-worthy for some but those can go to a fancier restaurant}. The idea to make the most of the land here is not just brilliant but also a Japanese philosophy that the world needs right now.


The cost may seem a little on the costlier side but the giant burrito they have to serve promise you happy filled tummy. And also our Vegetarian Pals you don’t have to worry as they also serve Vegetarian Sushi Burritos on their menu.