/Wanna Try Water-Melon Pizza OR Gulab Jamun Lasagna Head Over To 90ft Above

Wanna Try Water-Melon Pizza OR Gulab Jamun Lasagna Head Over To 90ft Above

Dinning with a view is one of the best kind of dinning, and thus rooftops are one of our favorites to dine in. Borivali has one of it’s own, which have a lot to offer along with a pleasant view with the rooftop feeling. 90Ft Above in Borivali is a rooftop exotic dinning restaurant with uniquely interesting dishes for you to enjoy.

The restaurant is solely owned by Sunny Rachwani who is also the one who runs the places. The spacious and divided in different sections giving it the appealing feeling what with separating air-conditioned family space and open space for youngster friend groups and couples. The open lounge has party worthy space which will easily accommodate about 70 people comfortably.

Along with comfortable space the chefs play pretty quirkily with the dishes. Some of the popular dishes of 90ft Above are,

The Watermelon Pizza is a dish with the base as a big slice of watermelon along with raisins, fruits and lots of rabdi. It might look all fruity and fun, but it can get extremely heavy for one. Make sure you take company to try out this one.

Another favorite of the crowd is surely the Gulab Jamun Lasagna. A glass filled up with gulab jamun slices, rabdi and mootichoor boondi. The rabdi is poured in generous quantity and it would make your sweet tooth really happy.


The Paani Puri Shot is a creative twist to our regular paani puri. The chutney, and the filling with moong and boondi stays the same but you get options with the paani. There are 3 types of paani – pinacolada (pineapple and coconut), mint and pomegranate.

Think about Pav Bhaji and then combine it with Fondue. The traditional pav bhaji served on a low flame with 3 varieties of cheese – Cheddar, Gouda and Feta. The drinks are plenty namely Blue Lagoon, Pinacolada, and Peru Delight.

So, what are you waiting for, weekend is here, call up your pals and chill away at 90ft Above as you release the stress of the week.

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