/Visit This Eatery To Enjoy The Authentic Bengali Cuisine

Visit This Eatery To Enjoy The Authentic Bengali Cuisine

West Bengal is one of our most favorite place in the world, which we have on our Go to list since forever. Bengalis are known for their Art, Music and Intelligence and have been moving to our Metropolitan city since years now. Thus, there needs to be more places in city to make them feel at home. Thus, there is one Restaurant that is keeping Bengali’s in the city feeling at home and it’s called “Bhojohori Manna”.

Bhojohori Manna is spread out at four different locations in the city; Powai, Chembur, Vikroli & Andheri- Oshiwara. The restaurant serves proper authentic Bengali dishes and cuisines. Simple in it’s appearance the restaurant goes a little quirky in the presentation and serving of some of their best dishes; Like Daab Chingri that is served in the coconut. The eatery will not snatch pocket off and is average in costing with dishes that make the Bengali’s walk back to their door steps again and again!

The Bengali’s visit it when they are craving some Homely feels, but you are a crazy curious Bengali fan then track your steps to one these eateries and let us know about your experience.

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