/Visit This Authentic South Indian Boarding House Serving Since 1942

Visit This Authentic South Indian Boarding House Serving Since 1942

The region of Matunga station of Mumbai is well known for three things the best, first being it’s King Circle, second will be the gorgeous lane of flower garlands which are huge and mesmerizing enough for you to want them even when not in need, and last but not the least are the numerous South Indian Cuisine centric Restaurant that is spread around, every other equivalently good. The College Students of Matunga thus never have to worry about some lip smacking meals. All these restaurants are primarily authentic to the taste and feel of South Indian Cuisine.

One of the oldest and best at it’s authenticity is “A. Rama Nayak’s Udipi Shri Krishna” which was started even before the Independence of our country precisely started in 1942, when Mr. Nayak decided to find his mojo for life as a Cook in Mumbai and soon was able to open up this boarding house which provides wholesome meals at super reasonable prices, like buying INR 200 coupon at the counter entitles you to a full plate of from proper thalli which is served in the most Southern authentic way that being on the Banana leaf. A coupon for INR 108 helps you with lighter meal thalli.

The eatery is in it’s simplest form with simple rows of tables aligned, where they believe in quality and freshness of the food being served. Wasting of food is highly discouraged here, thus make sure to take according to your appetite. You might have to keep your patience over your hunger as there may be a chance you might have to wait, as the place is never not having customers to serve.