/Versova Has A New Helathy Food Joint Which Goes By The Name “Meats & Greens”

Versova Has A New Helathy Food Joint Which Goes By The Name “Meats & Greens”

If Healthiness of a meal holds serious importance to you, and thus you skip on restaurant dinning, then it’s time you let loose, because the city now has growing number of Helathy food Joints, where every dish is wisely tested on the ratio of calories, and the ingredients used are also fresh, home grown and each hold significant benefits to your body.

If you reside around the Versova region we have you sorted with Healthy food joint, with newly arrived cafe “Meats & Greens” that’s hidden away in one of the many bylanes. The menu is accomplished of interesting spreads in the categories of Breakfast meals, Salads, Sides, Mains, Desserts and more.

The Cafe menu comes with detailed descriptions of each dish on the menu, including the calories count, and ingredients and their benefits, lending an open choice for customers to make their order. The flavours and the style of preparation of food at the cafe is somewhat Mediterranean, which makes it taste even more delicious.

Try their Cajun Chicken Breast and Tahini & Curd lamb cubes with Brown rice, in desserts check out their moist chocolate cake. The flavours of each meal fabulously yummy and you end up drooling over all of it.

Other than amazing food they also sell raw and pre-marinated meats and also premixed marinated spices. The owners source the meat from their own poultry farms which is why the chicken and lamb are so fresh and tender.

The only complain observed amongst the customers is the quantity slash proportion of the dishes which could have been better!

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