/Veranda Of Pali Hills Brings To Us The Gulkand Chocobar A Must Try In Our Opinion

Veranda Of Pali Hills Brings To Us The Gulkand Chocobar A Must Try In Our Opinion

Veranda is Cafe slash Bar kinda eatery that’s situated in the Pali Hill region of the city, blending with the locality of the region, the cafe cum bar provides a vast space that cozily gives out the desired vibe of the calmness of cafe in daytime while the buzzing mood of nightlife in the late hours.

The menu of Veranda is a combination of cuisines that are precedented by Sea food, thus serving, North Inidan dishes along with Bengali, Goan, Chettinad, Awadhi and also Modern Indian cuisines. It opens up from 12 to 3.30 PM in noon, and at nighgt it serves from 8 PM to 12 AM.

Thus, the space is well equipped for your Day/Brunch plans and also Chilled Party goers mood. They are sensitive to differently abled crowd and thus provide special services for the needed ones. Going with the trend and current mood, they also arrange for Live Sports screening, Live Music sessions or also Wine Tasting sessions. Thus, always stay alerted for their upcoming events.

The whole complied menu is unique what caught our attention the most is the Gulkand Chocobar available in the desserts section of the menu. This Chocobar is a delightful fusion of ice-cream and Ayurveda, fusing together making a Modern Indian Dessert. The Chocobar is not an ice cream but a chocolate mousse with a hint of Gulkand running through it. Basically, this dessert is the best way to end your meal.

There is also Masala Chai Kulfi to try if you are a fan forever Chai lover!!

Address: Hotel Executive Enclave, 331, Dr Ambedkar Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West.

Timing: 2:30PM to 3:30PM, 8PM to 12Midnight.

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