/Try This Ultimate King Of Pizza Known As The Chicago Style Pizza

Try This Ultimate King Of Pizza Known As The Chicago Style Pizza

There are people who love pizza and people who are not important. There is no way but Pizza way. But then there people who prefer thin crust, soft crust or just cheese pizza or veggie filled pizzas. They say you can say a lot by what kind of Pizza the person prefers. But for us, any pizza is the ultimate heaven, but do not make the mistake of bringing the pineapple anywhere near to it, or you are directly calling for your dead bed.

There are numerous posts to look up on internet to spot best pizzas in the desired regions, there have been people who have especially made a detour Italy to savor their appetite with their pizzas. But, we are here to share with you about a particular style of Pizza that will leave your mouth watering at the mere sight of it and it’s called “Chicago Style Pizza”. These style pizza are more than just a bread with veggies and cheese topped platter but an inch high stuffed with variety which may include your non-vegetarian and vegetarian favorite topping and mammoth of cheese to hold it all together.

Mumbai has some very countable places which serve this style of Pizza, one of the place by-far is acclaimed and vouched by the pizza lovers being the “The Lighthouse Cafe”. Though the amazing pizza majorly falls in Non-vegetarian category, the cafe has a Vegetarian version of it, and both are promising with their taste, quality and everything.

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