/Try This Street Vendor’s Italian Pizza Sev Puri

Try This Street Vendor’s Italian Pizza Sev Puri

We are the people who love their food without worrying too much about the source or place of it arrival, until the time it is save for our stomach and has wonderful taste to it, we will love it. The growing variety and competition in the Eateries have also had it’s effect on the street vendors. While Street food will never loose it’s charm or lovers they can be intimidated by the heavy flow of eateries and food joints opening up in the citizens. Mulund has seen a rapid growth in the number food joint in just a year with variety of franchise or individual eateries opening up, Street vendors are very confidently taking up the challenge of not loosing their customer base.

The one party who is benefiting in all of this is the Foodie, who is always seeking for yummiest of food. This street food vendor from Mulund has come up with his fusion of Italian and Indian chat with his stuffed Sev puri that comes with an Italian stuffing of pizza toppings along with a crazy twist of Mayonnaise and topped with a heavy shower of cheese the whole platter is smoked fired with the torch. The dish is exciting to see in it’s making as it is for eating.

Address: Bliss Veg Resto, Opp. Vijay Society Hall, Mulund- West, Mumbai.

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