/Try Out The Humongous Size Of Desserts At Cafe 145 in Colaba & Bandra

Try Out The Humongous Size Of Desserts At Cafe 145 in Colaba & Bandra

Chocolate is one solo ingredient which has it’s fans all over the world, which can provide a compassionate hand to someone who is upset and also the one that can make up as a complete meal at times. The glorious achievements are known to all; and chefs and bakers love to experiment with it all the time. There are so many yummy dessert that are constituted and build from the mere base of Chocolate.

145 Cafe of Colaba & Bandra loves their chocolate a lot too, and thus their love is clearly seen on their dessert menu which has quite a few crazy chocolate centric desserts that are humongous in size taste and in the complete parcel of it.

Take for example, their Ice Cream Cookie Sundae which contains scoops of Nutella topped along with choco-chips biscuits, gems, chocochips and more Nutella! Yes, all your favorite bunch in together to serve all your sweet tooth cravings.

As we said earlier, they go all out and grand with their desserts so it will be real fun to try their freakshakes, waffles, crepes and more. It’s an ultimate chocolate heaven here! They are huge and you will mostly need a friend to share it with.

Go and indulge in this sweet out pour, and then come and share with us your experience!