/Try Out Motichoor & Other Indian Sweet Infused Ice Creams At Koldplay

Try Out Motichoor & Other Indian Sweet Infused Ice Creams At Koldplay

We Indians are known around the world for our spices and we pride ourselves over them, but we equally share our pride for the delicious supremely sweetened high on calories sweets, which are equally world famous. While the main dishes from international lands have already taken up the fusion world with Indian spices, the Indian sweets aren’t played along enough in the fusion business. But, now the delicious Indian sweets are shaking their hands with Ice creams and more in the fusion world.

Koldplay is the standing proof of it. Located in King Circle region of Sion, the ice cream parlor has caught attention of it’s audience with this fusion of Indian sweets along with complimenting ice creams.

Motichoor Ice Cream (INR 60 per scoop) is a fusion of traditional ladoo and artisanal ice cream. The ingredients- Motichoor, roasted almonds & dry fruits are infused into a creamy ice cream base and is topped with bits of motichoor ladoo, the ice cream is ready to be served.

Another of our favorite from the rack is the Maghai Meetha Paan which is another crowd pleaser. In this, hand picked betel leaves are blended with Koldplay’s secret ‘paan masala’. Along with that, home-made Gulkand is added to the mix and ‘slow churned’. But we are not done! The paan ice cream is topped with paan flavored masala.

All these flavors are also available in the Thick Shake version of them, if you are not feeling much ice creamy today!

Address: Koldplay, Circle House, 471, Radha Bhavan,, Bhaudaji Rd, Kings Circle, Brahmanwada, Sion, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019

Phone: 022 2403 0014

Approx cost: ₹300 for two people

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