/Try New & Home Cooked Assamese & Keralite Cuisine From Kasos Kitchen

Try New & Home Cooked Assamese & Keralite Cuisine From Kasos Kitchen

We have all heard the phrase that “To win someone’s heart the path is through their stomach”, But in case of Kasturi Barua, Love came first followed by food. Kasturi Burua who is originally from Assam has been living in Mumbai for six years now, while her Husband’s family hails from Kerala, and the collision of both extreme states came together resulting in Kasturi also falling in love with cooking. Through this path she discovered the Keralite cuisine, while she was aware of Assamese food already. After the numerous compliments that came her way from all friends and acquaintance for the taste and quality of her food, she thought about starting something of her own.

Her friends lovingly refer to her as Kaso, which came to the name of her startup- Kasos Kitchen, which is centered to Assamese and Keralite cuisine. If you are a fan of home cooked meals, or even if you are not but surely you are a person of taste and excited about new cuisine then, order yourself from Kasos Kitchen. There is so much more to Eastern and Southern cuisines of our country than just, momo’s, thukpas or idli and dosas.

The menu has enough options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian crowd, so no-one’s being missed out. Boror Tenga {INR 250}, which is an Assamese staple made with lentil fritters in a light gravy and Aloo Pitika {INR 100}, which is an Assamese take on mashed potatoes are some of the vegetarian delights you can choose from.

For non-veg lovers, pork with bamboo shoot {INR 400}, which is the signature dish of the kitchen is a must have. The chicken in black sesame {INR 300} is another option. For Malayali food lovers, the mutton stew {INR 350} is highly recommended. You have the option of steamed rice {INR 100} and chicken biryani {INR 400} to pair your favourite dish with.

They are based from Bandra, but serves all across the city so to order you can contact through What’sapp or call on following number: +919820627449.

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