/Try Chocolate Fries At The Newly Opened ‘The Pabulum’ In Santacruz

Try Chocolate Fries At The Newly Opened ‘The Pabulum’ In Santacruz

The notorious Fries which generally are used as a siding with burgers have made their individual space in every foodie’s heart resulting in eateries opening which is only dedicated to serving fries with twist and turns of taste and flavor. This recently opened eatery named “The Pabulum” in Santacruz West has subjected it’s menu to Fries and Milk shakes.

What has caught our attention is the Chocolate Fries on the menu, and don’t weird out instantly, believe us they taste yummy. These fries are unsalted, tossed with gloved hands covered in Hershey’s chocolate syrup and drizzled generously with melted Nutella. With the perfect balance of sweet and salty, this combination just works, striking the perfect balance between snack and dessert.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth then you can stick to the regular options from the menu which are fries topped with heaps of toppings like Schezwan, Tandoori, Mexican Salsa, and BBQ sauce. They even have a variation with banana fries for those who aren’t keen on eating potatoes Jain version). If you wish to make things more indulgent you can always pair your fries with one of their shakes like bubble gum, peanut butter, jam shake or even a caramel popcorn shake!

Where: The Pabulum, Shop No. 3, Tagore Kunj CHS Ltd., Near Podar School, Saraswati Road, Santacruz (West)

Timings: 9 am to 11 pm

Meal for two: Rs 200