/Try Cafe Chokolade For Some Lip-smacking Snacks & Desserts

Try Cafe Chokolade For Some Lip-smacking Snacks & Desserts

Cafe Chokolade is a cute little Snack Station with the colors of Yellow and Purple making up for it’s interiors. The cafe is spread across the City with Five locations around. Few in the Western region of the city while couple of them in the Navi Mumbai region. The cafe is simple in it’s appearance but extravagant with it’s food while keeping the price pretty minimal and affordable for it’s customers.

The complete menu of the eatery includes Shakes, Waffles, Pizzas, Variety in Fries, Sandwiches and Burgers in general. The customers love the food so much here, that once you visit the place it tends to get your regular sought for place for hangouts or easy on pocket snack dates with pals.

Some of the most famous amongst the crowd are,

1. Mighty Tower Burger which is a tower full of stuffings between two buns in the end, the stuffing include hash brown, aloo tikki, potato cheese shoots, paneer coated in 11 spices, crisp lettuce with tasty chiptle sauce, sweet mayo & thousands islands & loads of cheese.

2. Masala French Fries Pizza is pretty obvious with the name itself. The Pizza is served with the original Pizza toppings of bell peppers, onions and loads of cheese with toasted in Masala french fries covering the top.

3. Sweet Mystery A signature dessert innovated by Cafe Chokolade. The rich Sundae is made with natural mango, chocochips & vanilla ice-cream with soft brownie & vanilla cake pieces in between & topped with chocolate syrup.

The Cafe works at the 13 hours time, as it opens up at 12 in the noon and is open up until 1 AM, thus promising you to serve during your midnight craving.\

Picture Courtesy To The Facebook Page- Things To Do In Mumbai!