/Try Before It’s Gone The Season Special Rich Hot Chocolates

Try Before It’s Gone The Season Special Rich Hot Chocolates

The end of the year brings new and exciting offers to door giving you reasons to end the year on happy note and the welcome the new year with open arms. The city has caught in the cold an exciting way giving you chills and opportunities for you to try spicy and hot food and beverages to keep the heat glowing inside.

Dinshaw’s Xpress Cafe, a Parsi Cafe in the Oshiwara region of Andheri is the perfect place to try out some lip smacking food and an all new limited edition Hot beverage menu. The cafe is simple and small by the looks of it, the seating arrangement and decor giving a booth like vibe to it. There tables arranged both on the outside and inside.

While the cafe has a wide range of Parsi food and other general favourite Italian favourites amongst the masses, we are here to talk about their three new excusive hot drinks that are available only for a given period of time, that being until the 10th of January 2018.

There is the delicious S’mores Hot Chocolate (INR 199) which is hot chocolate topped with toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate. For people who are less crazy for chocolate than others, there is Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate (INR 199) which we are sure will be loved by all. And finally the most vouched on the best of all the Very Berry Hot Chocolate (INR 299) that is made with fresh strawberries, Nutella and topped with whipped cream, berries and more chocolate because well why not!

This rich season favourite Hot Chocolates are available only till 10th January so rush over before it gets off the shelf.

Address: Dinshaw’s Xpress Cafe, Shop No. 6, Windermere, Off Oshiwara Link Road, Andheri- West.

Valid Till 10th January.

Cost: INR 199 to INR 299.