/Trench By The Chocolate Room Has Launched A Perfect New Christmas Treat

Trench By The Chocolate Room Has Launched A Perfect New Christmas Treat

The season may call for smoking hot and spicy food and hot chocolates, but there is some devilish thrill in rejoicing in some cold mouth watering desserts, the chills pass through your body as you gulp the first bite into the coldness and slowly with every bite you rejoice in the freeziness that keeps comes with every bite.

Trench, by The Chocolate Room, has all these chills to serve. The eatery serves a lot of dishes that are the general favourite amongst the foodies. To name a few there are Salads, Italian favourites being pizza pasta, Mexican favourite also joins the list along with the fast foods like Burgers and more. But what we have got to talk about here are their dessert with which they go full-fledge in presentation and quality.

They recently launched a delicious looking and tasting sundae with the named The Midas Touch, the thing is massive and ravish it before slips off on the table. The sundae is made with mousse cream, strawberries, little hearts cookies, freshly baked waffles, pure chocolate truffle, red velvet sponge, golden balls, chocolate truffle ball, caramel butterscotch ice cream, chocolate chips, vanilla sponge and brownie bits. To top it all, it’s garnished with a golden edible chocolate spoon so that you don’t leave anything behind.

With the shinning elements of Gold the sundae will make you forget all about your diets. It cost for INR 999. Take a friend to enjoy this delicacies along with and upload as many aesthetic pleasing and food-gasmic pictures to burn your friends in jealousy.

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