/This June If You Aren’t Starting A New Standard Revisit Your School Day Memories At Playteria

This June If You Aren’t Starting A New Standard Revisit Your School Day Memories At Playteria

With new cafes coming out every day, Mumbaikars will never again have to question the availability of food joints in almost any corner of the city. Every new cafe is coming up with the theme to go by with décor and food menu, it’s no more just about the feed and goes, now it’s so much about vibes of the eatery and the time spends by the customers be blissful as it can get. Attracting people with the most catchy theme is the current trend of the Hotel industry. And sometimes they choose to go for our emotions, just like Playteria, a chessboard tiled cafe in the Mulund-West region brings back your school day memories minus all the distasteful studies.

The Cafe has a white shelf filled with books to read, when you plan on spending alone and if you are there with your friends which are the most frequent kind of crowd for a cafe like this, then they also offer you numerous board games which maybe now you might have left behind with all the new smartphone games available on your handset.

While many new cafes have now been providing with board games facilities, the specialness of Playteria is that they also have Play Station, Mario Brothers and even Karaoke for their customer’s lounge.

The menu is filled with a combination English snacks and Indian snacks with various twists and turns, like one being Sev-Puri Sandwiches. The food is delicious and will make you leave your plates as clean as unused ones.

One of the walls is also dedicated to last pages of our notebooks with the scratching of games like “Name, Place, Animal & Thing”, Flames, Pen check- Scribbles, XOXO, Signs & other crazy scribbles from the past.

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