/Theobroma Is Launching Monday Happy Hours On Its Menu

Theobroma Is Launching Monday Happy Hours On Its Menu

Theobroma comes under the Best Top Ten Bakeries of Mumbai. Started as a Simple little store in the by-lanes of the Colaba streets, the bakery soon attracted attention with their amazingly rich in quality and taste of Bakery menu with so various elements of the ideal English breakfast menu.

Today the Bakery has twelve Outlets all around the City of Mumbai, and what more? Well they recently opened their first outlet in the Capital of the Country, Delhi. With so much trust from it’s loyal customers seems like Theobroma’s felt a sense of compassion and responsibility towards it’s customers, because they have come up with an amazingly offer to help their loyal visitors kick start their week with the sweetness that comes in pair.

Yes, Theobroma recently announced that now on every Mumbai, they will organize a 1+1 on the item of the day on every Mondays. It could be any one item on the menu- Donuts, Brownies, Cakes, Cookies or even a Pastry which will be pre-decided and posted on their Facebook page  or you could walk into any of their stores around the city and ask for the Item of the Day. The Happy Hour Offer will continue till the stock lasts. So we would suggest book your Monday breakfasts at the best i.e. Theobroma.

So next Monday, take a Takeaway for you and your favorite colleague a sweet treat or if you are anything like Joey then just hog on alone, no one’s judging!!!

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