/The Super Happy Pop-up At The Barking Deer IS Celebrating Movember With Loads Offers

The Super Happy Pop-up At The Barking Deer IS Celebrating Movember With Loads Offers

All you Boys actually Men who keep grunting about everyday and festivity is dedicated to females, and us female enjoying too many leverages, here is your month enjoy it as much as you can, because Movember comes just once a year. Last month we shared with the Oktober festivities that were being celebrated at the Super Happy Pop Up in The Barking Deer in Lower Parel, this month they continue to celebrate more with their beer, this time in reference to the Movember theme.

Since the theme is Movember, it’s pretty given that all the following offers will be liable only to Men who are donning some amount of facial hair, be it men with stubble, medium length beards, lumberjacks and those with beards sweeping the floor as well, we are not judging while, the Super Happy Pop-up is rewarding as long as the beard goes.

Because when it comes to beer, the more, the merrier right? Here, on a day any man with a beard can walk into the resto-bar and ask for a complimentary glass of beer, provided that they show them the creative posted on their Facebook.

Apart from that, they also have a brunch planned every Sunday of this month, where those with beards will get free beer, depending on the beard length. Not just that, the food served up on each of these Sundays will be of a different cuisine, ranging from Oriental, American, Mexican and Italian.

As for the discounts, if you have a beard 2 inches long, that’s 2 beers on the house, 3 inches long, 3 beers and so forth. Those with beards longer than 4 inches will get 20 per cent off the bill.

The offer goes all through the month, so grab as much of complimentary beers as you can…