/The Prison Cafe Serves Cheap Yet Quality Hookah In A Jail Themed Interiors

The Prison Cafe Serves Cheap Yet Quality Hookah In A Jail Themed Interiors

So many of us so enthusiastically believe in the phrase “One must experience everything once in their lifetime”. The phrase basically encourages us in doing notorious daring and sometimes illegal acts just to have a hang of it and have stories to reminiscence on in future. But not all of us have that same level of daring, though still having the desire to be notorious.

With Jails being a very frequent location and part of Bollywood films, we have all fancied ourselves with the imagination of what feels like to be in a prison, surely others share the same feeling, because now there is hookah parlor in Colaba region which is themed as a prison, designed in all black and white stripe coordination. Going along are shady lights of the parlour which gives a dingy dark atmosphere, giving away a little more authenticity.

The Parlour I on the second floor of Harbour View Building on the Shahid Bhagat Singh Road. The place is little hard to spot so a little asking around would be required. The place though is appalled to visitors mainly for it’s unique theme, but on visiting, people were partially upset with the too compactness of the parlour, plus many have raised their complain over very minimal items available on the menu card. Though everyone who has been to the parlour has completely appreciated the quality and cost efficiency of the Hookahs.

So if you are seeking for a cheap & quality Hookah time with your group of pals, the place at least deserves a visit.

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