/The Mohammad Ali Road’s Overflowing Milkshakes Are A Must Try For Everyone

The Mohammad Ali Road’s Overflowing Milkshakes Are A Must Try For Everyone

The Mohammad Ali Road is the city’s Muslim Street Food serving region, and the space is filled with continouos shenanigans during the festive season of the religion, we have just past the occasion of Ramanda & Iftaar, and the buzz was back about the town’s delicacies.

The street is filled with all the course meals that constitute to a Muslim specialty. While lots of articles have spoken about their savory dishes, we would love to share with you the stall that stole our heart.

The Pappu Juice Waala, that’s stationed itself Taherbhai Kapasi Chowk near Bohri Mohalla, is known for his overflowing milkshakes which are brought together with the combination of Fruits, Milk, Cream and dryfruits. The owner doesn’t shy away from over-brimming your orders.

Three of his most sought after drinks are the Coconut Milkshake that will be provided to you as per your demand, either thin and smooth or Thick and coarse. And to up your instagram game, they are served in the emptied coconut shell. The drink is made with the thick cream and milk with palm full of cashew nuts blended together, then poured in the shell of the coconut to the brim and finally topped again with crushed cashews and heavy artful drizzle of Amul cream. The whole process of making it, will leave you salvating.

The next is summer favorite the Mango milkshake which though served in a plastic glass, doesn’t stops from being filled to the brim and later topped with pieces of mango and and cream. The same goes with it’s third famous shake, the Khajur Milkshake which is topped with Ripe anjeer fruits and cream again. The owner vouches on him holding the monopoly for the khajur milkshakes. The shakes are priced efficiently to the quantity served.

So, pin it down to the must visit places in the city of Mumbai list of yours. The stall opens up at 12 in the noon and stays open and serving till the early hours of next morning till 4 AM.

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