/The List Of Street Food To Look Out For Around The Kalidas Region Of Mulund West

The List Of Street Food To Look Out For Around The Kalidas Region Of Mulund West

The Kalidas society of Mulund is one of it’s oldest Popular joint! The famous Kalidas theatre has witnessed some great plays and continue to do so. The vastness of the land comprises of variety of activities, including it’s swimming pool, Badminton and tennis courts along with grounds for Cricket, football and more. The vast space also welcomes morning and evening strollers who walk for fitness. The theatre hall is vast and provides space various cultural events and school or college gatherings.

With all the facilities provided inside the outside has to be sufficient for the visitors, and that it does with various options of food joints that have opened up and have been part of the space since decades to fill the tummies of the public.

To start with we have the famous Masala Vada Pav wala who sits right across the gates of Kalidas and has stalled the corner for itself since forever, they serve Masala Vada Pavs with green and white chutneys and also serve just masala pav or plain vada pav as well. That’s your call to make, but the whole Mulund vouches on the delicious taste they serve.

Sits right beside it is the Dosa wala, who has been it’s neighbours for just as long and serves their customer with various combinations of dosas that have people asking for more. Across from them at the opposite corner of the lane sits the Gola wala who has been serving the sweet coolness that your mouth craves post your Masala vada pav or Dosa indulgences.

Along with these have now opened up for some years are new stalls one that serves Khichiya Papad along with a topping of onions, tomatoes, bhujiya, squished lemon, and some masalas and more, which you could either call as Papad pizza or Papad bhel. The other stall is the server of more delicious sweetness which range in variety of Milk shakes and other juices.

And if these street foods doesn’t satiate your appetite there have opened up new food joints which include an Ice cream parlour and also a French fries parlour. There are other mini food joints that serve Chinese, as you go along the lane you will come across hole in wall like store that is famous amongst the street for it’s variety of Sandwiches.



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