/The Framer’s Cafe In Bandra Promises A Healthy Dinning

The Framer’s Cafe In Bandra Promises A Healthy Dinning

When one decides on changing up their entire diet to Healthy one, there are going to be a lot of things one have to bid goodbye to. And the ultimate favourites of all, Pizza and yummy chocolate desserts also make into that list. Thus, to make to the healthy diet less painful and more merrier, Chef have been trying out recipes over recipes, that promise the health quotient along with taste-bud pleasing flavours.

The Framer’s Cafe in Bandra is just the right place to hang out at, as it has chill vibe to the space as well as it won’t disturb the Healthy diet of yours while dinning out. The recipes of all the dishes on the menu are 100% fresh and observed closely on healthiness of ingredients.

The bread bases for pizzas and sandwiches here are made with either wheat, amaranth flower or cauliflower. And the desserts are completely gluten free and fat free. You will see absolute amount of Greens in food and Dark chocolate in desserts, but be assured you will come with a Happy Tummy and happy Taste-buds along.

Check out the video below to see how delicious it looks and taste.