/The First Exclusive Pancake Parlor OF The City- 99 Pancakes

The First Exclusive Pancake Parlor OF The City- 99 Pancakes

While Waffle houses are taking on every part of the city, the pancake lovers are worried their favorite might go down the hill, but we are being saved now by the 99 Pancakes. The Eatery has opened up at two locations so far in the city, one it being the Kala Godha region while the other is in the Lokhandwala region of Andheri.

The store in Kala Godha is done up in the Glass cubical like a space right next to Ayub’s in Kala Godha. This extremely new pancake parlour, they primarily make two assortments of pancakes – Holland pancakes {which they make in mini, slightly bigger than a coin-sized pancakes, and French pancakes, which are essentially crepes. Each of these can be made in different flavours – maple syrup butter pancakes, holla nutella pancakes, mango mania, strawberries with whipped cream, pancakes with chocolate truffle and more. You can also add your own extra toppings. The French pancakes {crepes} ae for caramel bonaffee, nutellla, Belgian chocolate with brownie chunks, and more starting at INR 150.

The Pancakes are cushiony as in will quite easily will remind you of sponge cakes with their fluff and softness. They also serve other desserts like chocolate truffles and cakes.