/The Dessert Queen Is Now Serving Pink Lattes At Le 15

The Dessert Queen Is Now Serving Pink Lattes At Le 15

Le 15 in Colaba region is pretty famous amongst the city and could be a good spot for celebrity sightings as well, since so many celebs have grammed about the place and love and are friends with the founder of the dessert house Pooja Dhingra. Le 15 is popular for it’s subtle simple cafe interiors but more over for its Macrons, for which MS. Dhingra is consider the God of Macrons.

But that is a pretty known fact amongst most citizens, we are here to share with you the new addition to their menu. The Pink Latte, is Ms. Dhingra’s new Advertising beverage, she knows well what all we are today ready to do to get the best Instagram post, and seems like Pink Lattes are her solution to it. The latte is general recipe of their lattes with the added food coloring to bring in the fun quotient. Served in a Classic White Cup, topped with the foamy heart, do not expect any strawberry or rosy taste to it but a rather the authentic latte taste!

So, if you are ardent instagrammer and also a fan of coffes and cafes, this is a must try for you! The Pink Latte is available for INR 180(plus taxes).

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