/The Bakery That Happily Serves Desserts From Across The World

The Bakery That Happily Serves Desserts From Across The World

There are so many sweets out there that we may have never tried, remember those times when any relative who made a trip to foreign lands and brought back Chocolate treats, now thanks to globalization we have access to all the best chocolates of the world. But there are some perishable desserts that we know of but can’t have a taste of it until embarking ourselves on a trip to the country of it’s origin. Well, “Country Of Origin” a bakery in Bandra has made it possible for us with their wide range of desserts and other bakery items which are not just limited to the general menu but they have stepped up their game with their availability of various dessert items from around world.

The name Country Of Origin comes from the fact that, foods from all parts of the world are recreated with their tinge to it. Loved and enjoyed by everyone, COO has a ravishing array of exquisite custom-crafted culinary finds. They have a variety of fine teas and coffees, gourmets, fresh oven baked bread and savories. Also along with is a decadent patisserie and a lot more.

Some of the most catchy and must buys of the Bakery include the ‘Molten Espresso Mug’ and ‘Liquid Chocolate Syringes’ and also the menu has a special for Dessert Jars that has huge jars filled various delicacies like Red Velvet, Hazelnut Praline, Cookie & Caramel Jars and so much more.

If you are a chocolate or coffee lover it will be a crime for not letting your taste buds have a taste of these amazing delicacies.

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