/The 113 Years Old Still Running Parsi Cafe “Kyani & Co.”

The 113 Years Old Still Running Parsi Cafe “Kyani & Co.”

In the bundle of things and places Mumbai is famous and stands apart from other cities are the numerous decades old Irani and Parsi cafes that successfully serve the citizens till day. These cafes are like the city’s and the Parsi religion’s heritage that continues to spread the idea of their community by their food which is vouched by every one to be lip smackingly good. Some of these Cafes have shut down over the time but there are still quite a few cafes that are still very much here, one of the oldest being the Kyani & Co. the cafe has long past crossed the 100 years timeline and has lived 113 glorious years of life so far.

Going back to 1904, Khodram Marezaban, the birth-giver of Kyani and Co needed to give the general population of Mumbai an essence of his local culinary pleasures. Little did he know that he would be feeding generations. And it’s not just the quality of the food that has traveled over a hundred years, but also the interiors and the décor. Everything is similarly as it was the day it was first fabricated.

With the 90’s picnic mat covered tables and all vintage wooden furniture with rustic yet strong shelves will vouch for our statement of it being a heritage of the city. The shelved old and simple glass bottles that contain a copious variety of biscuits and cookies the cafe takes you to the whole new era.


The café has on display a portrait of Aflatoon Shokri, who had taken over the café and currently has his son Farokh Shokri running the café. This portrait is signed by none other than M.F Hussain and did you know, during the country’s independence struggle, there were meetings held by freedom fighters at this café!

Their popularity is evident when you hear that most of their food gets over by 5 pm every evening! Kyani & Co is famous for its bakery items – puddings, cherry custard and lagano custard, biscuits and cream puffs. Their royal falooda also gets a fair bit of love. However, we have our palettes yearning for their signature kheema pav and cheese omelette. I wonder, why I never thought of this combination before!

Famous for its Irani chai just for ₹15 and bun maska, the café also offers the very famous Akuri, and salli par eedu. Also, a wholesome Irani breakfast under ₹100 strikes a great deal with visitors. Kyani & Co. is a cozy warm place for anyone in Mumbai who wishes to grab a quick, pocket-friendly breakfast.

Kyani & Co. has staff working at the café for over 30 years now, and they could get a little finicky if you sit for too long, just chatting away once you’re done. Also, no laptops allowed.

Address: JSS Road, JerMahal Estate, Opposite Metro Cinema, Marine Lines, Mumbai

Timings: 7 AM to 8:45 PM

Price: ₹300 for two people (approx.)