/Ten Most Loved & Experience Worthy Bars Of The City

Ten Most Loved & Experience Worthy Bars Of The City

We are the generation who grew up watching shows like FRIENDS and “How I Met Your Mother” while Friends influenced our Cafe to hang out culture for midday moods, HIMYM influenced our easy get to-gathers over a few pints of beers with our closest of pals. While coffee brings in the energy to work through our problems, Beer helps us in letting loose, and after a tedious day of work and after making tons of decisions it’s only sane to let a little loose with a few number of pints. Thus, these are the ten best-resorted Bars of the City.

Most of these Bars have more one or two outlets around the city and are equally loved while some are solo outlets and new to the town. But, each one on the list has garnered an equal amount of love by the citizens and visitors. The ambiance of these bars along with the quality and range of the Alcohol served here is what makes you visit them again and again. So lets put them all on the list of our next visit and take a detour to each one of them.


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