/Soon The City Will Have A Eatery With A Runway Walk Right In The Center Of It

Soon The City Will Have A Eatery With A Runway Walk Right In The Center Of It

The restaurant business has taken a drastic change in it’s selling style, while food quality will always remain a priority, the aesthetics and interiors of the eateries have taken up the second most important on the list of priority. With the galore served to Social media and Photos, the feel and atmosphere of the eatery have taken more importance than since the older times. The theme settings for every restaurant goes from the classiest to the wackiest and coolest styles. The interior decorators are having a gala of time has they get to experiment with out of the box ideas on a usual basis now with every new eatery opening up in the city, and boy the number cities that are opening up.

Pizza Express, seems to feel strongly with the concept of restaurant aesthetics and unique themes; they have hence started series of project to inculcate in their branches, the last one was the The Bandra Project and the upcoming one is called The Runway Project.

If you are confused with the theme here, don’t be because it’s exactly what the name says, “The Runway Project” it will be completely pivoted around Fashion. This one will be opening up in the High Street Phoenix in Lower Parel.

The decor is being done by Anand Basrai of the Busride Design Studio, same as The Bandra Project. Curated and executed by celebrity chef Vicky Ratnani, the menu will look towards modern cuisine. This soon-to-be-launched diner will also have an exclusive lounge.

With an aim to change the face of dining in Mumbai, The Project Series is definitely up the alley of those who just won’t settle for the normal. There is time for this one to enter into till than enjoy other numerous cool themed restaurants that keep opening up daily in the city!