/Say Vanakkam To Colorful Nutrients-Rich Dosas Now

Say Vanakkam To Colorful Nutrients-Rich Dosas Now

If set notion is to go by, South Indian is more than satisfied with Dosas, what’s with having it every day at home while the North Indian fancy having it any given day. Dosa’s are light to stomach thus are edible and healthy to have at any time of the day. The plain south Indian Bread, known as Dosa is the one of the simplest of the meals of the nation. But the easy simple nature of it gives every chef or food creator the chance to explore and experiment with it. We all know the long extended list of Dosas that are available at all the Indian Cuisine restaurants across the country. With bringing in the Northen take and Chinese and other Culture’s flavors to the plainness of the Dosa, the chefs across the country have made it even more tempting for the spice lover citizens.

But here is a unique twist to the Dosa world, there is now an Online Food Delivery Store that delivers flavored batter of the Dosa as requested by the customers. Anjali Aruldas a 58 years Chandivali resident has been experimenting with foods after her marriage and eight months back ventured into “Vanakkam Foods”.

The store delivers vegetable Dosa batters, grain batters like ragi, foxtail, jowar and bajra. The said batters are free of any artificial flavors and preservatives as they are prepared fresh only after the order is placed and confirmed.

Visit their Website to look through their vast variety on the menu. The list involves a variety of batters, ready to eats and podi (spice mix). The shipping charges are INR 30 for orders below INR 400 and above are free there after. The orders need to be placed two days prior to the delivery.

So what are you waiting for, impress your guests with colored dosas or serve nutrients to your kids in the colorful form of Dosas.

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