/Savor On Your Most Favorite Comfort Food On The Go

Savor On Your Most Favorite Comfort Food On The Go

Do you explore through explore option on your Instagram application? Do you follow various kinds of Instagram Food accounts there? Then, you definitely have come across the amazing concept that came into form a few years back, what you may ask? Well, it’s the concept of Pizza Cones? Still puzzled? Or did the idea click your mind? Either way read on, since Surprise!!!! Mumbai now has two outlets serving Pizza in Cone.

The mass of people who love pizza is too huge to keep a count on, and the little group who don’t fancy pizza, well we aren’t gonna have such kind of negativity around us. Bharat Advani the owner of the Coney Island was inspired by the concept of Pizza Cone on his voyage to Italy, the land of Pizzas. On his comeback in Mumbai, he couldn’t wait to experiment with the idea here. Thus, first he tested the idea around as pop -up stalls at various exhibitions across the city, when he saw people’s peeking interest he opened his first Only delivery Kitchen in Khar which further received positive feedback and so next he decided to make his mark in the famous Kemp’s corner as a small kiosk in South Bombay.

The stores are quick takeaway joint so don’t stick under the impression of stalling in to eat in. But, according to us, it makes perfect sense, because with the cone pizza now we don’t have to subject ourselves to sitting down to feed on your most favorite comfort food, you just grab it in your hand and savour it on the go.

There is an adequate amount of variety for both vegetarian and non-vegetarians with “Meat Lovers” and “Chicken Olivia” making a huge amount of fans in many non-vegetarians. And if you are worried about the inside of the cone is just bread then, erase that thought from your mind, because the stuffing is well placed in layers for you to have the taste till the bottom tip of the cone. Along with yummy spicy Pizza cones, the eatery also serves beverages which range in lemonades and Milkshakes with everybody’s favorite flavors.

So, next time you find yourself in the areas of Kemps Corner or Khar do stop by the stalls for the love of Pizza.

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