/Rush Over To The “World Of Waffles” In Mulund On 15th Of June

Rush Over To The “World Of Waffles” In Mulund On 15th Of June

The English Breakfast delight, Waffles won’t be a regular breakfast option in Indian homes but it has been garnering a lot of fans amongst the Indian with the sweetness it carries along with. Though it doesn’t make up to the breakfast table it sure makes for a brilliant dessert option when the craving for some sweetness.

With so much love of Waffles keeping in mind, a new cafe opened up in the ever populated region of Cyprus in Mulund-West. “World OF Waffles” recently opened up and the youngsters of Mulund are going crazy about it. But, the craziness is gonna go up the notch on the 15th of June, 2017. You will ask Why? Well, the store is offering it’s Waffle candies for the dirt price of INR 15 throughout the day. Shocked? So were we! But, don’t waste your time and rush over tomorrow to the store to have as many as your stomach may let you.

The day’s offer is only on the Waffle candies, which will be wrapped and available for you in Chocolate, White Chocolate & Caramel syrups and sprinkled with rainbow confetti!! Ahh!! we are already drooling over the Dreamy sight of it.

If candy size seems less to you, don’t you worry because the cost of every other variety of waffles on the Menu is also very reasonable not causing much storm in your pockets. So, 15th June rejoice in the syrupy sweetness crispy fun of Waffles!

The Store opens at 1 PM in the afternoon running till the late hours of 11 PM!

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