/Relish Chocolate Burgers At This Chocolate Indulgent Parlour

Relish Chocolate Burgers At This Chocolate Indulgent Parlour

Felicita, a cute and comfy café, in Borivali has a hidden treasure – Gigil Chocolates. It’s a chocolate shop that specialises in pure indulgence. Think cookies, chocolate lollipops, ganache or mousse, they have all these and more.

The most catchy thing on the menu were the chocolate burgers. Yes, you read it, Chocolate Burgers! Currently, there are four varieties- The basic Classic Choco Burger {INR 100} with buttercream, jam, and choco chips, Belgian Goey Choco Burger {INR 150} with chocolate fudge, Cheese Choco Burger {INR 150} with chocolate ganache, and the Gigil Burger {INR 250} with fruits, chocolate ganache, choco chips, and more.

Though everything was amazing, our favourite was the Gigil Burger, with chocolate sponge cake in place of the bread, a delightful layer of ganache that replaces the patty, fruits and choco chips as stuffing, and in place of the sauces, a delectable mix of jam and buttercream. {YUM!}

Price for two : INR 600


EMail: franchisee@felicitafoods.com



Contact: +919819841302

ADDRESS: Shop 7, Bhattad Tower, Opp. Kora Kendra Ground, Borivali West, Mumbai

Open Today (10:00 AM – 11:00 PM)

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