/“One Point Six” Brings Delight Of Shopping & Eating At One Place

“One Point Six” Brings Delight Of Shopping & Eating At One Place

Two things today most part of the female population can’t live without, Food and Clothes. What do you post your shopping sphere? You go to a restaurant or the food court made available by the Malls, to hog back the energy you drained while shopping for hours on stretch.

Won’t it be great if both the elements were subjected in the same region next to each other, well if not before it was thought about by someone now, and that someone is Shinjani Raval & Arpita, who were friends now also turned partners with their “One Point Six” venture that they have started together.

The idea behind this venture is just what it looks like the pleasure of having eating and shopping in same room, the space is surrounded on the periphery with all the shopping racks with clothes aligned in different shades and bags all other products while the center is centered with a wide bench arranged for customers to savor on their meal.

The clothes are designed by Shinjani Raval herself who acclaims to be a self-taught designer graduated from FTII in Pune. She started with showcasing her works with pop-ups around various exhibition in the city and finally at some point found the stability to start her own boutique which brings stability to her brand.

Her concept doesn’t just end at bringing food and shopping experience at the same place but she also strongly believes in nature and plays a role of an activist by implementing sustainable fashion in her boutique which also describes her style of easy wear which can be used through all the weather seasons of Mumbai. There are pretty flowy dresses and the shirt dresses with desi block prints and more. There are also accessories that have been handcrafted by rural artisans and bags that are made out of the leftover fabric materials continuing with making complete use of their provided resources.

Both the cafe and shopping part is given equal importance, what with food being cooked fresh by the chefs with the kitchen opening up by 11 AM, the menu remains simple with boasts of quick cafe food ranging from salads and sandwiches and in-house baked whole grain bread and cuppas of hot chocolate and coffee.

If shopping is not your list today you can just wander off to the cafe with a book or a laptop to work with while sipping on a hot cuppa.

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