/One Of Asia’s Top Fifty Restaurants From Sri Lanka Is Making It’s Way To The City This Year

One Of Asia’s Top Fifty Restaurants From Sri Lanka Is Making It’s Way To The City This Year

Having access to the Best of Things is a luxury everyone wants to rejoice in and if food is the department we are talking about then it is literally a double delight. There have been rumours about Sri Lanka’s favourite restaurant, Ministry of Crab, coming to Mumbai for a while, the restauramnt is included in the list of Top 50 Restaurants of Asia. And the news is finally confirmed and we couldn’t be more excited. The much-celebrated seafood restaurant’s Indian outpost is set to offer everything from their signature butter crab to chilli garlic prawns.

The Leading Chef. Dharshan Munidasa, has joined hands with Gourmet Investments Pvt. Ltd. {the group promoting the Pizza Express chain}, and will launch in the city this year. He shares his thoughts on the restaurant’s Indian debut with Vogue India. Munidasa’s focus in India will be on the size of the crabs, and he promises they will be much bigger. “The bite and resistance when bitting into a [meaty] crab claw is incomparable to that of a small one. Your tongue comes in contact with the entire claw meat and the sensations are different,” he suggests.

The Indian Ministry Of Crabs will source their seafood from the South-East & West Of the Country. They don’t wanna leave behind the Vegetarian completely, so there will be some vegetarian dishes based on Local produce curated for them. But they promise the DNA of the of Ministry of Crabs will remain same to give guests an authentic experience.

Set up in a 400-year-old former Dutch hospital back in Colombo, the grand plan in Mumbai is to open the restaurant midtown for easy access. If all works well, you’ll be dining there by mid-year. Stay tuned for more updates.

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