/Newly Opened Fast Food Cafe In Navi Mumbai Has A ‘No Waiters’ Policy

Newly Opened Fast Food Cafe In Navi Mumbai Has A ‘No Waiters’ Policy

The Bruciato Food Factory in Navi Mumbai, precisely in Airoli region of the town has opened up pretty recently. The USP of the restaurant is there “No Waiters” policy. To describe it easily it’s a minipad which serves it’s customers through a conveyor belt.

BFF in Airoli doesn’t have any waiters for serving their customers. The concept was first heard in Japan on much extended version of it, where food comes directly on table to the customer from the kitchen. The concept is applied in here as well, where customers are supposed to send in their order on a minipad on the conveyor belt and after 15-20 mins you will be directly served with your food.

The space ain’t huge, with there being just five table seating arrangement but still the space is made a wise use of with cool rustic interiors.

The menu options at Bruciato Food Factory are simple and sorted. You get a variety of appetizers and small bites to get you started. Go to the burgers, pastas, pizzas, sandwiches for your meal and end up with sinful desserts to satiate your sweet tooth at the end.


Address: Shop 17 Rainbow Tower, Sector 20, Airoli, Navi Mumbai

Phone: 022 30151346

Approx cost: ₹600 for two people

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