/Make Your Favourite “Social” Cafe & Bar Now Your Work Space Too

Make Your Favourite “Social” Cafe & Bar Now Your Work Space Too

With the growth of more and more self-employed individuals and freelancers or online businesses the growth of co-working spaces have also raised in the city. We have seen so many types of Co-working spaces now some, Glass walled office like spaces, some with international lands themed spaces and some with refreshing elements right within the quarters of the space. But we have also discovered more people like us, who just doesn’t like to work from work desk kind of spaces and are always in their best mojo when situated in a cafe environment with their Laptops and a book along. Well, now we aesthetic enthusiastic creatives have space like so!

The Restaurant chain Of Socials that is spread around the city is quite a range and for sure you have visited one of it! Every chamber of their has this New York Starbucks like atmosphere with people tucked in their laptops working in the day time while evenings promise beer hangouts with friends or co-workers. Now you can have monthly memberships at Socials.

If you’re looking for a space that will let you eat, drink and work together, then this is just where you need to be. While the Social has many outlets across the city and you can work out of whichever you wish to, the Todi Mill Social, Khar Social and Fun Republic Social provide you with spaces that are specially made with the intention of you coming to work.

The membership for each of them is INR 5,000 per month, for which you get a dedicated space from Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm, along with high-speed Internet, and all the amazing luxuries of being in a café/bar. The entire amount is redeemable on food and drinks when you’re at work. Now, isn’t that simply amazing? Also, the membership to the work-space gets you access to all Socials across the country, which means, if you fly down to another city and need a space to work, head to the Social there.

If we can say food, booze and work in one sentence, you can be rest assured that this recommendation is going to make you very happy. If you’re a small team or a freelancer, consider the Socials in Mumbai as fun co-working places that will give you all that you need and more, that too at a very affordable price.