/London Bubbles Have Lots Of Goods For Your Valentine

London Bubbles Have Lots Of Goods For Your Valentine

In the last year Waffles were moved ahead from being just a part of English breakfast to being mouthwatering, serving to sugar rush dessert that could be consumed anytime your taste-buds commanded you for. And thus, numerous dessert joints opened up all around the city serving to public demand, in the second hemisphere of the year, waffles were indulged in on greater level and thus came new variation to them that is called the Bubble Waffles, which is a street favourites of Hong Kong, soon made it’s way to our city.

London Bubbles Company was the first of all to bring the Street favourite from Hong Kong’s to the streets of Mumbai after he was enchanted by the idea and taste on his trip. But, we have already told it all.

We are here to remind you back on the delicious sweetums they have to offer, and how perfectly they would settle in your Valentine’s Day plan. With now five outlets opened all across city, one of it would be accessible to you.

Choose your waffles according to your partner’s personality. Is he/she the hardcore chocolate lover, try out their 5star, Kitkat, Bounty, KitKat and even smores Waffles, Death by Chocolate Waffwiches would be a big yes too! Wanna stay in the Red theme of the festivity, opt for Fruity try berry wrap or the Red Velvet Bubble Waffles, add extra whipped cream topping to make it even more tasty.

London Bubble Company makes for a perfect Valentine’s breakfast spot where they serve you the delicious desserts and also serve wraps and bubble teas to go with.

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