/Indulge On An Authentic Platter of Aamras Puri Before The End Of The Season At The Best Of All, Pancham Puriwala

Indulge On An Authentic Platter of Aamras Puri Before The End Of The Season At The Best Of All, Pancham Puriwala

We have always wondered on the logic of Full Indian Thalis with super affordable rates and Minimal quantity food with prices of four to five full Indian Thalis. An ideal Indian thali comprises of two-three Vegetables, two-three Rotis, A bowl of Rice, A bowl of Dal, Raita or Salad as siding, a sweet or two as the Dessert and a Glass of Chaas mostly. And so much for less than INR 100. Yes!! its that cheap with so much quantity and yes the Indian flavors and cleanliness all are guaranteed right along. We wonder what’s so wrong with our head to always end up at places that which we leave with half to almost empty pockets.

While, most of the days we make our choice for western food over our authentic Indian one, let’s take a break from the routine and head over to Pancham Puriwala which has been Shine Dine of South Bombay or rather of whole Mumbai for over 140years now. It’s legacy in its own worth! And has been providing the same service for all these decades.

This article though right now we exclusively are bringing to your notice for the season speciality, which is Aam Ras and Puri Thali for INR 100. with the Summer closing to the end, and night drizzles making it to regularity, the extinction of Mangoes for this year is nearing. The plate serves A bowl full of Aamras (Naturally extracted Mango Juice) and four deep fried Puris which will serve perfectly for two people.

The place is completely simple in their structure but is easy for comfort and mostly filled in but a few minutes of wait is just about how long you will have to wait for your turn. The eatery is right across the CST station. They even provide Home delivery service which is free in the vicinity of Fort area but will be charged outside it.

So, before the Mumbai Showers take away all of our beloved Mangoes, quickly let your taste buds have a taste of the trusted Puriwala’s Aam ras-Puri plate.

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