/India’s First Vending Machine That Pops Out Pizzas Out Of It

India’s First Vending Machine That Pops Out Pizzas Out Of It

Who doesn’t loves Pizza, ironically there are some, but for those who do, life is pretty easy with the excessive supply of Pizza joints in every corner of the city, be it individual outlets or the world-wide chain of Domino’s joint, having access to pizza hasn’t never been much of a problem, but it sure comes with the 20 to 30mins of waiting period along.

But not at Yess Pizza in Kandivali because here pizzas are served in the exact period of 6mins. And that is possible with the most unique and one and first of it’s kind in the country service; that is Vending Machines that give out Pizzas out of their console. Yes, really it’s a Vending Machine, these were so far only available in Europe through out the world, and now Mumbai, India stands at second position with the arrival of Yess Pizza.

The Vending Machine along with Pizzas also gives out Fries. And you can actually see the whole process of your pizza being baked. There are four choices to choose from-Simply Vegetarian, Margherita, Premium Vegetarian and Exotic Paneer. And while Vending machine items are generally looked down upon, this Vending Machine promises the yummiest of Pizzas just like your favourites.

Check out this video to see what waits ahead of you!

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