/Head Over To Rolling Stone In Lower Parel For Some Unique & Quirky Desserts

Head Over To Rolling Stone In Lower Parel For Some Unique & Quirky Desserts

Dessert house are just best places on the Earth, the sweet fragrance of delicacies and freshly baked breads that wifts in the air around entrance you in their magic dragging you in them to savor on tempting mouth watering desserts.

Situated on the busy lanes of Lower Parel, this perfect little bakery is all about big French windows, wooden interiors and chalk boards with awesome dishes from their menu. Sounds like a perfect French boulangerie right?

But it’s not just the interiors that should be the takeaway. Their offerings are beyond decadent and totally out of the usual stuff you see. I, a shoe lover instantly fixated my eyes upon a little golden stiletto seated right between the other desserts that were on display. To my surprise, this stiletto was an edible one! Even better, a Belgian chocolate! Yes, I’m not kidding you! The entire golden stiletto is a creamy, milky Belgian chocolate that one can admire, but also devour. Never thought I’d associate a dessert with- super elegant, super sexy!

Also another lovely and quirky one is the ice-cream burger! Okay I know I sound like I’m just making up stories about fantasy land, but hence the images! The Rolling Pin does burgers like no other (quite literally). Because they serve up not savory but dessert burgers! Chocolate ice-cream is sandwiched between perfect little chocolate buns, and they don’t want to take away your perfect image of a burger, so they’ve managed to create cheese slices and lettuce made out of vanilla! And how could a burger be a burger without its companion Mr Fries right? Rolling Pin has done up some tasty vanilla fries, that can be dipped in a strawberry sauce. Now that’s some level of creativity!

A shoe lover friend of ours will sure get blazed when she will come across of this bakery and spots a Golden stilettos on the counter and more when she will realize it’s Belgian chocolate, another crazy favorite of hers.


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