/Have More Off Of Waffles As They Fill Up Into Bubble Waffles At Origin Bubble Waffles

Have More Off Of Waffles As They Fill Up Into Bubble Waffles At Origin Bubble Waffles

There used to be a time when there was just plain Dairy milk, and we thought of it as heaven, but then Dairy milk decided to make the Heaven even more endearing and after lots of flavors there are came the Bubble Cadbuory Dairy Milk which was no more a plain slate of chocolate but bar of filled up bubbles of chocolate and the world has felt a better place since then. Something similar has happened with our beloved waffles.

Origin Bubble Wafflesis the newest Waffle joint on Carter Road in Bandra. Started by Bandra resident, Josh Quiren and Irteqa Rehmani, the outlet maybe tough to find, but look for Oh Fudge, and can easily spot it then. Josh came up with the concept after his glorious trip to Hong Kong, where the concept of Bubble Waffle is pretty common and he was quickly obsessed with it. In Hong Kong , they usually make these waffles with eggs, except Josh decided make his waffles with 100% vegetarian ingredients.

Whats more exciting is, the bubble waffles can also don’t just come hollow but are also provided with options of filling it with Nutella, Peanut Butter, Butterscotch & more while the batter of waffle is being made. Which means every bite is a drizzled mouthful of delicacy.

They have Nutella, Blueberry explosion, Peanut Butter, Butterscotch and more. The waffles are priced differently, starting at INR 160 upward. These waffles come laden with ice cream as well. In case you are looking to skip the ice cream, they will deduct INR 30 off the bill.