/Havana Cafe & Bar In Colaba Introduces A Menu Of 63 Items At INR 92 Each

Havana Cafe & Bar In Colaba Introduces A Menu Of 63 Items At INR 92 Each

Everyday the hotel business is evolving in the city, and numerous eateries in various are emerging in serving food and drinks of all kind, cafes, restaurants & bars, Stand or take away stalls, no one is staying behind in the business. The prominent concepts of hotel business today are good and innovative food, Drinks and quirky interiors. The Havana Cafe & Bar in Colaba region is ticking off all that along with more.

Havana Cafe & Bar, a rugged wall cafe with pillars colored in the shades of pink and blue and dull yellow lights illuminating the room comes with a mixer vibe but fun staying the prominent one out of it all. Havana has has introduced a menu that promises a great time at low cost. The Menu is a compilation of 63 items that all will cost you just INR 92 each. The menu includes both food and drinks, finger food and snacks along with hard liquor. There are options of vegetarian and Jain as well on the menu, and the final part consists of both Cocktails and Mocktails along with the Shooters options for Shots.

The menu will include 63 items including your favorite brands on spirits like Smirnoff, Bacardi, Old Monk, Antiquity, and Royal Challenge. Among the food items, you can choose from quick bites, mini pizzas, vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks, nachos, and eggs. The Veg Sharing Platter has multiple veggie delights along with cheese, salsa and jalapeno dips. If you’re into the meat, you could go for the Spicy Chicken Wings, Chili Sausages and Mini Barbecue Chicken Pizzas.

The offer is also not for a limited time period, it stays on for regular which opens up from 6 PM until 10 PM from Tuesdays to Sundays. Ain’t that an offer for a great night without emptying your pockets!!

Address: 1st Floor,The Gordon House Hotel, 5 Battery Street, Apollo Bunder, Behind Regal, Cinemas,, Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400039

Phone: +91 22 612-45878

Approx cost: ₹1,200 for two people