/Goan Shacks In Mumbai With The Arrival Of ‘Lady Baga’

Goan Shacks In Mumbai With The Arrival Of ‘Lady Baga’

December is the season to be in Goa, but being the season, the prices are soaring high and lets be real not all of us walk with a budget like this. But if you still crave for Goan voibes, Mumbai now has a place for you to be whenever Goan feels tingles you.

Lady Baga in Lower Parel is an eatery which is an exact replica of any Shack from Goa. Keeping the Goan spirit alive, Lady Baga is here to give you all the feels of sitting in a shack, lying on bed decks or simply lounging around in hammocks. The famous lounge that has it’s interiors by the 70s hippie culture is complete with hand-made dream catchers, bead curtains, brocade cholis, tie-dye cushions and more.

It’s now officially opened up in the Kamala Mills regions, Lower Parel, the food and cocktails here also are exciting as the décor. There will, ofcourse be the Goan favorites such as Vindaloo, Prawn curry, Rechado Crabs and more along with an array of other options. There will be all-day breakfast, sandwiches, burgers along with desserts.

Curious about Drinks menu, the options range from Bloody Marianna, ahouse-made special Goan Chorizo-infused vodka, The Ginger Man, Scotch and Tamarind Juice, combined with Ginger, and Sangria At Every Port, Goan port wine, Vodka, Red Wine, Grape juice, Apple juice and Cointreau swirled together.

So get ready to feel the lazing around on a shack, sipping on cocktail with Goan meals just like Goa in Mumbai itself.

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