/Five Places In The City To Dance The Night Out To Bollywood Music

Five Places In The City To Dance The Night Out To Bollywood Music

How much ever we load up our music playlist with top best Hollywood songs, a little lingers of Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare or any upbeat 90’s Bollywood song and we are on our toes with lyrics flowing through mouth like by-hardhearted nursery rhymes. Shaking your head bobbing heads to EDM is fun but the Bollywood music has a whole new upbeat feel to it. Mumbai the heart of Bollywood can’t not have places to tap your feats to Bollywood music. Here are five of the Best of them.

1. Hitchki, Powai:-

Hitchki is a recently re-located Resto-bar from Kala Godha to Powai. The Eatery is designed in an modern-Indian style with wooden flooring and plush dark blue chairs the restaurant is a spacious space to make for dancing floor. Their Bollywood nights are held on every Fridays of the week, the time you need it the most, the DJ plays some of the latest Bollywood mixes. The eatery loves Bollywood just as much as you, as they also have their cocktails inspired from Bollywood, to name some there are, I Hate Tears- tequila with a sweet sour mic, flavoured with green chilli and cinnamon & Geeta Babita- a gin based drink with kokum juice and cumin spice.

When- Fridays.

Where- Hitchki, G5 Transocean, Hiranandani Business Park, Lake Boulevard Road, Powai.

Starts- 9. 30 PM

2. Glocal Juction:-

Right across the Nehru Planetarium sits the Glocal Junction, makes for a place to head over to when you can’t wait for Friday to come around release your stress nerves to some upbeat music beats as they organize their Bollywood nights on Thursday. The cool thing here is, the DJ console is placed right at the center of the space thus encouraging you more to leave your seats to dance the night away. The local artists and DJ’s to play their own versions and remixes of Bollywood music. Also the eatery super spacious again so no worries sweat sticking bodies.

When- Thursdays

Where- Glocal Junction, Ground Floor, Nehru Centre, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Opposite Nehru Planetarium, Worli.

Starts- 8 PM.

3. Tamasha:-

Tamasha encourages you to show your tamasha in mid-week stress with their weekly Wednesday night solely dedicated to Bollywood music. You are sure to have a little feel of the Page 3 party. The DJ on the console is the model who you might be acquainted with as the runner-up from Bigg Boss, DJ Zulfi Syed.

When- Wednesday

Where- Tamasha, Ground Floor, Victoria House, E.B. Marg, Lower Parel.

Starts- 9 PM

4. Mojo’s Bistro:-

If you’re someone who prefers to bust some thumkas and do the bhangra on a Saturday night, , then Mojo Bistro,is an apt spot hit. Their DJ starts off the night with some mellow Bollywood songs and later picks up the beat with the latest Bollywood and retro mixes.

When: Saturdays

Where: Mojo’s Bistro, 2nd Floor, Kamala Trade House, Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel.

Starts: 7 PM

5. Door No. 1:-

Suppressing your inner-Govinda and Mithun da during the work week? This Bandra pub is where you want to go to pull your ‘80’s-style dance moves. Every Thursday their DJ plays some of the best dance tracks of old school Mithun and Govinda movies.

When: Thursdays

Where: Door No. 1, Bandra

Timings: 7 PM

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