/Feel The Bengali Authenticity With Exotic Bengali Cuisine At Mirchi & Mime

Feel The Bengali Authenticity With Exotic Bengali Cuisine At Mirchi & Mime

Today is the beginning of Durga Puja, the occasion is of grand importance to Bengalis all over the country, while Kolkata is drowned in the festive mode completely, Mumbai is celebrating the occasion in it’s own pace and form, while Navratri is grandly celebrated in the city, there is a restaurant serving specially curated Bengal special Thalis in these days, so that the Bengalis feel just a little more at home.

Mirchi Mime in Powai region of the city, is famous for a few amazing reasons. Along with the amazing food they have to serve and the beautiful ambiance that give out relaxing vibe sea moist in the air, the place is specially known for the entire staff team of speech and hearing impaired giving out excellent service at it’s finest. Despite not being able to speak or hear, their hospitality is commendable.

Though for the occasion of Navratri and Durga Puja, the restaurant is serving authentic Thali, Amish Bhoj & the Niramish Bhoj. The Niramish Bhoj offers a vegetarian thali with paneer dish, baked beans dish and the Amish Bhoj offers a mutton, fish fry and chicken dish. Along with that, the common items that you will find are bhindi fry, alu ki sabzi, moong mohan daal, alu posto, mishti doi, payasam or rajbhoj and three puris.

Address: Transocean House, Lake Boulevard, Hiranandani Business Park, Powai, Mumbai

Phone: 022 30151202

When: 25th – 30th September

Approx cost: ₹777 for Niramish Bhoj and ₹999 for Amish Bhoj.