/Enjoy A Healthy Instagram Worthy Unicorn Noodle Bowl At Jean Sea Princess Cafe

Enjoy A Healthy Instagram Worthy Unicorn Noodle Bowl At Jean Sea Princess Cafe

Jeon Sea Princess is a hotel quite near to the Andheri Airport which makes it an ideal place for Airport arrivals. Hotel Sea Princess’ Jeon is a 24-hour cafe serving Italian, North Indian and Mediterranean cuisine. Overlooking the pool and the ocean it serves buffets and an a la carte menu to satisfy for taste buds! With a separate kitchen for the vegetarians in the upper floor of the hotel, it aims at serving the purest of ingredients to its customers. Jeon is certainly one of the best getaways for a luxury dining experience in the Mumbai City.

The speciality of the space though resides in it’s unique Unicorn serving. No they don’t serve real life Unicorns on your platter, but they resonate with the Starbucks Unicorn Frappucinos Drink trend, though Starbucks mostly failed at the attempt and the drink never made it to India, this cafe has something of it’s own which is tempting and right in all it’s way possible.

The dish is known as Unicorn Noodle Bowl or if you are asking us, then we will also call it Magic Noodle Bowl. The magic is seen when the noodles change the their color from being blue to going pink as you eat.

Okay! Let us break the suspense now. The plain spaghetti noodles are soaked in a bowl of water which also consists purple cabbage submerged in it, the longer you soak the noodles brighter the noodles catches the color. The magic of Blue to Pink occurs when you sprinkle lemon juice over the noodles, the acidic contact or the alkaline of lemon brings about the chemical change resulting in the color change.

The noodles are otherwise plain in taste so they are served with a platter of variety of fresh veggies like mushrooms, artichokes, asparagus, carrot, cherries, sprouts and other healthy nutritious veggies along with cottage cheese or tofu toasted in flavors and sauces.

All these ingredients make the dish completely healthy including the noodles as they are colored in all natural form. The bowl will cost you INR 599, it may seem costly but with unique concept of the dish it is totally worth it.

Note: Keeping the trend in mind, there is also unicorn sushi, unicorn pasta, unicorn shakes and unicorn rice pudding in the menu for y’all to try.